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Triple Bypass bicycle tour

The Triple Bypass is a popular road bike race that travels through Summit County. Summit Daily/Brad Odekirk

Daily News staff report

SUMMIT COUNTY - More than 3,000 bicyclists will stream across Summit County on Saturday, July 9, as part of the 17th annual Triple Bypass.

The event starts in Evergreen and ends in Avon, 120 miles later.

The Triple Bypass attracts many Summit County riders, and throughout the year, Triple Bypass-jersey-clad riders, locals and visitors alike, can be seen on the local recreational pathway system.

"It's one of the hardest things I've ever done, but in the end, it's very satisfying," said Summit County rider Scott Porter who did his first Triple Bypass last year. "Thank goodness for the well-stocked rest stops."

While in Summit County the Triple Bypass will travel from the top of Loveland Pass down Highway 6, over Swan Mountain Road and to a rest station set up at Summit High School.

From there, riders take the rec path to Copper Mountain and up to Vail Pass, where another rest station is located.

Swan Mountain Road will have a one-lane temporary closure in effect between noon and 3 p.m. The westbound lane will be closed to vehicular traffic during these hours.

The Triple Bypass features more than 10,000 feet in elevation. Swan Mountain actually makes a fourth summit, although it's the smallest gain.

Officially, riders summit the 11,140-foot Squaw Pass, the 11,930-foot Loveland Pass and the 10,560-foot Vail Pass.

The tour begins in Evergreen on Highway 103, proceeding over Squaw Pass to the first rest station. From there, riders descend to Idaho Springs where they start a climb toward Georgetown, where there's another rest station.

From Georgetown, riders climb to the Loveland ski area and another rest station. From Loveland, riders climb over Loveland Pass to the Summit County routes.

The rest stations are strategically placed for riders to fuel up on liquids and food. At the end of the race, the organizers put on a sumptuous barbecue dinner to complete the nutritional journey.

SAG wagons stand ready to offer a lift to those in need or mechanical support.

At the finish line party, riders can take showers and get massages.

Registration costs $118 through until ride day when the cost goes to $129. Race day registration starts at 7:30 a.m. in Evergreen.

Preregistration is advised and can be handled by going to or calling the Team Evergreen Bicycle Club at (303) 674-6048.

The cost is well worth the jersey, the rest station food and drink support and the end-of-event barbecue.

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